Welcome to Simple, Fast Facts! This website is filled with random fun facts for kids and adults! What's the fastest known animal on earth? What's considered the tallest tree in the world and where do they grow? What about the highest building? If you're looking for fun, random facts about animals, plants, or things, then we've got them! Well, sort of, this website is constantly growing, so we don't have all the things you're looking for yet. However, fun facts for kids and grown-ups are being added regularly, so if the info we currently have does not suit your needs, then come back later and maybe it'll be different! Or maybe it won't be!

Currently, we are under construction, but I will be adding tons of interesting information at a steady pace. Once everything is up and running, you should be able to search for a specific topic and find a summarized page filled with cool facts on whatever it is you searched for. Fast and easy! Moreover, at some point there will be a 'random' button that you'll be able to click, and just as you would imagine, it will take you directly to a random page on this website. And do you know what that page will contain? If you guessed simple fast facts, then yeah, you're right!
Looking for fast facts about trees or plants? Well, then click on that awesome-looking tree above and find out about the tallest trees in the world, where they're located, and other interesting random facts!
Facts about tallest known tree in the world.
Random facts about animals are interesting to learn! Things like: What is the largest land animal? How about the smallest? Which animal can run the fastest? Learn these fun facts and more! Coming Soon...